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Our 501c3 non-profit, GroundUP Music Foundation, curates and assembles exceptional musicians at all career stages, with great cultural diversity from all over the globe, and provides them with funding, time, and opportunities to experiment, take risks, and work with each other and with students to create collaborations that take on a life of their own, resulting in continued creative partnerships. The Foundation was born out of the annual GroundUP Music Festival, a music & education festival that produces the highest level music programs while creating free opportunities for local underserved students as well as other musicians and students with these diverse renowned artists.

GroundUP brings together a globally diverse artist community to create accessibility and exposure for all types of musical artistry, producing exceptional and unique music performances and educational programs online and at its festivals. GroundUP breaks down the barriers and connects musicians at every stage to inspire and embrace artistic talent. With culturally and ethnically diverse artists from more than 40 countries, the Festival (which is the flagship event for the Foundation), attracts thousands of people from 48 states and 54 countries, providing a global audience and exposure for artists at every level.


The GroundUP Music Foundation supports up-and-coming as well as established musicians through performance and other opportunities, and provides educational opportunities and resources including masterclasses and workshops, mentorships, clinics, and side by side teaching and performance and training opportunities to underserved and other students and supporters, through its annual GroundUP Music Festivals and other in-person and online programs.
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Thank you for making our work possible — your support is directly responsible for providing artists and students with vital opportunities to expand their craft and reach new ears.

GroundUP Music Foundation is a 501c3, so your support is 100% tax deductible! We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH, and checks. If you prefer to wire your donation please email [email protected] for instructions.

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