Nate Wood fOUR

Nate Wood – 𝗳OUR


The Grammy Nominated multi-instrumentalist has created a project that is a truly ambitious take on going solo. Wood is playing everything — analog synths, drums, bass, guitar and vocals — at the same time! As well, he’s recording every song in one pass with no overdubs, click track or pre-recorded backing tracks. “That’s why it’s called fOUR, because it’s me with four limbs playing four instruments at once.” fOUR veers from complex, space-y prog rock to electronic-tinged instrumentals. Currently, fOUR has released a number of viral videos on YouTube and Facebook (where some of the clips have topped one million views). fOUR’s first full length record “” was released in the summer 2018, following with a performance on NPRs “Tiny Desk” in January 2019. Since then, fOUR has been touring around the globe with his one man show, most recently opening for Snarky Puppy in support of their new record. Nate Wood – fOUR’s second record was released via GroundUPmusic in April of 2023.

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